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    Damper Engineering Automation Package Service

General Cold-Formed Fabrication Equipment Design & Manufacture.

GLC was founded in 1987 to provide fabrication and erection works for cement factories and chemical plants.
In order to supply reliable products and offer better services, a modern machine shop was established at Lung-Te Industrial Park in 1995.

For keeping pace with the rapid economical development in Taiwan, our business scope was extended into others fields such as incineration, power and steel industries.

Besides, engineering & sales offices in Taipei there are two operation and maintenance (O & M) service centers were put into operation in 1999 for rendering more complete services encompassing engineering, supply, fabrication, erection, commissioning as well as O & M service.

Thanks for customer’s full trust and employee's earnest entrepreneurship in the past fifteen years; we have experienced a steady growth and continuous expansion with the following basic philosophy.

customers value is our best repay to those who give us works and opportunities.
ardor and active working spirit is essential to be a long-term partner to our customers.
exceptional added-value can only be delivered through constant innovation and endless improvement.

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